Eyelash Extension Aftercare [PDF] How to take care of them?

Thinking about getting your lashes done but not sure about the Eyelash Extension Aftercare?

Keep calm, because here we have super tips, plus the most frequently asked questions just for you.

Let’s learn how to take care after eyelash extension!

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Checklist

Without further talking, here’s the easy and simple steps of an eyelash extension aftercare.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare [PDF] How To Take Care Of Them
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It’s simple:

  • No water in the first 48 hours of application
  • Forget about touching and rubbing your eyes
  • Clean your extensions every day (make sure to use a dedicated eyelash foam cleanser)
  • Use a clean mascara wand to align and gently brush your lash extensions in the morning
  • Do not use oil products around the eye and no other facial product for 24 hours
  • No Eye makeup for 24 hours
  • For as much as possible avoid waterproof mascara
  • Avoid sleeping facing the pillow
  • Say no to swimming for 24 hours
  • Say NO to high heat: Avoid Sauna and hot baths for 24 hours ( note: sauna can take off the light effect)
  • Use Only oil free makeup and products 
  • No curling lashes / No eyelash curler
  • No tugging, no hubbing, no picking, no touching excessively 

Note: Some places may advise you to wash your lashes every 2 to 3 days. It is best to check out with your beautician for personalised orientation.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare In The First 48 Hours

It normally takes 48 hours for the glue that is used on eyelash extensions to completely dry and get stronger.

This means that the first 48 hours are the most delicate and there are a few things you should avoid.

This is because the glue bond is still getting dried and  if you apply any makeup or product, the glue may dissolve.

For this reason it is important to avoid heat, water, cosmetics and makeup in general and rubbing.

Here’s another quick list of some actions that should be avoided in the first 48 Hours. These will help to avoid irritations and lash loss:

What NOT To Do After Lash Extensions

  • Wetting your eyelashes 
  • Avoid heat and steaming
  • Say No Steam or Sauna
  • Also No Friction
  • Sleeping on your side or facing down
  • Avoid chemical treatments such as eyelash tinting and so on
  • You should avoid treatments such as eyebrow waxing, chemical peels, laser treatments, and so on

Eyelash Extension Aftercare After The First 48 Hours

After the first 48 hours, the eyelash glue should be totally healed or fully dry, we should still keep the caution.

Even though glue is totally dry, it is still not recommended that you apply moisture in the area.

You should also be cautious about heat, avoiding sauna and bath for a while even after the first 48 hours.

What NOT To Do After Lash Extensions

  • Heat and Sauna
  • Oil-based makeup and cosmetics around the eyes
  • No waterproof mascara
  • Use of eyelash curlers
  • Excessively rubbing

How Soon can I Wet My Eyelash Extensions?

Note: Some Beauty Salons may assure you can wash your eyelash extensions 4 hours after the application. Some other establishments say after 6 hours.

On the other hand, Some may argue that it is better to wait 24 or 48 hours to wet your eyelash extensions.

It is important to ask your beautician for personalised advice when you can wash your eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare From Now On

In this section, let’s give you some tips on the things you should avoid for as long as you have your false eyelashes on:

  • Avoid Oil based makeup and cosmetics around the eyes, especially eye makeup remover and mascara
  • Avoid Waterproof mascara
  • Even though it is not forbidden, it is better to avoid eye mascara in general, because you might feel that you don’t need it
  • Avoid running water on your face
  • Be aware that moisturizers may break the force of the glue overtime
  • Always avoid rubbing, scratching 
  • Always be very gentle while watching your face
  • It is recommended to wash the eye area with washcloth or cotton swab
  • Say no to eyelash curlers
  • Sleep on your back, on your side from now on
  • If you feel any irritation, itchiness consult your technician immediately

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Pdf Cards & Checklist

Download Your FREE Eyelash Extension Aftercare PDF Sheet & Card

Now that you had the list of basic instructions on how to take care after eyelash extension I want to share something with you.

Here we have a little gift for you! The printable eyelash extension aftercare instructions and after card.

What’s that?

Here we are making available for you a very handy Eyelash Extension Aftercare PDF sheet, as well as an aftercare card, also in PDF.

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How To Take Care After Eyelash Extension?

You have learned so far about things to avoid during the Eyelash Extension Aftercare, right?

Now let’s talk a little more on how to take care after your eyelash extensions. 

It is simple, let’s get started.

How to take care and maintain your lash extensions?

After the first 48 hours, you know that you should still be super careful, but you may be anxious to clean your face properly.

After the first 48 hours you are safe to wash your eyes again, but be very gentle and careful.

Note: some places may tell you to wash your face 4-6 hours post eyelash extensions.

It is actually important to gently clean eyelashes and eyelids everyday, as this helps it last longer.

  • Use a gently eyelash shampoo and or oil free eye makeup remover
  • Groom your lashes daily with a dry mascara wand to align and position your lashes
  • Even though mascara is allowed, it is best to use a normal eyelash mascara instead of waterproof mascara

After 2 to 3 weeks maybe you will notice a little bit of lash loss. When that happens it is a sign you should book a new appointment.

If you wish to remove your eyelash extensions, it is better to book an appointment with your beautician.

Important Key Factor Of Your Aftercare

  • Daily lash Cleansing
  • EyeLash Brush
  • Choosing the right makeup and skincare products
  • The position you sleep
  • How you avoid sweating, humidity, sauna, heating, etc
  • Sleep on Silk pillow
  • Avoid liner and mascara
  • Your own organism

 Why Is Eyelash Extension Aftercare So important?

You already know why taking care of your eyelash extension aftercare is important, but here is a quick recap:

  • Because you want your eyelash extensions to last longer 
  • Also, you don’t want to cause irritation
  • Because you want it to look beautiful and full

How Long Does An Eyelash Extension Last?

Eyelash extensions are a semi permanent solution for fuller longer lashes and may take two to  three weeks.

However there are studios that swear their eyelash extensions will take up to two months.

Of course it is going to depend on how well you conduct your eyelash extension aftercare.

It is important to know that if you want to keep up with eyelash extensions, you need to combine proper aftercare with regular re filling appointments.

How To Clean Fake Eyelashes?

The cleansing is the first and one of the most important eyelash extension aftercare steps. But how to do it?

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions?

  • Use a clean and soft bristle brush 
  • Use an eyelash cleansing foam 

Doing your cleansing every two to three days is going to remove the rest of dirty, oil and makeup residuals.

Why should you clean eyelash extensions?

By cleansing your eyelash you are removing dust, makeup and other impurities that may get in conflict with your skin after receiving the eyelash glues.

As the eyelash extensions are glued, oftentimes one by one, the gaps between one lash and another may accumulate dirty.

By cleansing it everyday you are removing these impurities that come from dust, pollution, sweat and makeup.

This will assure they will last longer and also prevent further inflammation and irritation.

How To Shower With Lash Extensions?

Let’s talk a bit about showering, be on a duche, bathtub, be on the beach in the swimming pool.

I have noticed that there is mixed information on how long you should wait to wash or have contact with water.

I have already mentioned that some saloons advise you to wait 48 hours. Others advise you to wait 24 hours.

I have seen places saying you should wait four to six hours, and lately I have just seen I should wait 8 hours.

Who is right, tho? 

First thing first, who is willing to wait 48 hours to wash your eyes if someone else is promising you can do it in four?

I believe that everybody is right, but it will all depend on the saloon you choose. 

But I believe that most places may ask you to wait from 8 to 24 hours to be on the super safe side.

We know that some places offer a glue that will completely dry in 48 hours. In this case, wait for 48 hours.

In many ways, it is important to know that before the period of 48 hours you should never jump in the swimming pool, not receive or face the duch while showering.

Washing hair should also be avoided.

The best way is to talk to talk to your beautician for personalised advice, based on the products they use.

After passing this little dilena, then it’s time to ask: How to shower with eyelash extensions?

Here we have a few tips to help you during this time:

  • Discuss with your beautician when it is safe to wet your lash extensions
  • Do not face the duch while showering avoid direct contact with water within 48 hours
  • Keep your shower a little cooler in the first 48 hours avoid steaming from hot showers
  • It is a good idea to wash your face in the sink separately, before shower avoiding your eyelashes
  • Have your normal shower, always taking care not to wet your lashes in the first 48 hours.
  • Gently dry your skin tapping the towel onto your face avoiding lash areas
  • With a cotton pad, gently tap the eye area for taking out any water

Ok, this was your shower but now you might be asking how to actually clean your eyelash extensions.

But before we answer that, let’s just think how much do we want our eyelash extensions to last?

If you want, you can adopt the shower tips as a lifetime habit for as long as you are using your eyelash extensions.

I know this is not the most comfortable way to have shower but this is going to help you hold it up for longer.

In all cases, it is always a good idea to wash your face in the sink with cooler water before your shower.

By doing this, you are avoiding using hot water on your face which can cause it to dry out. 

So, it is not a bad idea at all!  

How Should You Clean Your Eyelash Extensions?

Firstly have in mind that all your products from now on should be gentle and oil free, because oil breaks the glue.

  1. Use an oil free makeup remover in case you have used makeup (shadows, eyeliners, eye mascara)
  2. Use an eyelash shampoo on a cotton pad or a Lint-free cotton swabs and gently pad the area (around the eyes and lash extensions) 
  3. Pat dry with a dry Lint-free cotton swab

Eye Makeup And Eyelash Extensions: What To Use?

Even though it is not a rule, it is better to avoid eye mascara and in fact, you might don’t even feel the need to do so.

But the truth is, if you want your lashes to last longer, I think it is a good idea  to avoid it. 

Waterproof and oil based cosmetics are a big no no, because it may affect the eyelash glue.

What Should You Do Before Your Appointment?

Ok, I know we are talking about eyelash extension aftercare, but I believe you may have asked how to prepare for your appointment.

  • Make sure to remove all your makeup
  • Avoid oil based makeup remover before your appointment
  • If you use contact lens, take them off

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare kits

What are eyelash extensions aftercare kits? 

They are a selection of best products that are going to help you maintain your eyelashes.

You can get it online or on saloons and some saloons may give you an eyelash extension aftercare kits full of samples.

What’s Inside An Eyelash Extension Aftercare Kit? 

But you may be asking yourself, what do eyelash extensions aftercare kits contain? Let’s take a look.

Here’s what you need to make your own Eyelash Extension Aftercare kit:

Down below we are gonna a quick review of the best products to help you put together the best  Eyelash Extension Aftercare kit ever!

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Products & Reviews

Now let’s share with you some cool products and their respective reviews.

These are the top picks:

1. Mascara brush For Eyelashes

2Pcs Eye Brush with Cap for Travel Eye Brow Eyelash Mascara Brushes

This is ideal for grooming your eyelash every day. This will keep them aligned and well kept.  

2.Lint-free cotton swabs 

Xtreme Lashes Lint-free Xtreme Applicators

The Xtreme Lashes Lint-free Xtreme Applicators are very requested for eyelash extension aftercare cleansing.

This is not only useful to your normal cleanser, but it is ideal to remove eye makeup such as eyeliner, eye mascara, eye shadow. 

This is ideal for lashes because it is especially designed to clean lashes without any lint fibers becoming caught between them.

3. Lash Cleanser Or Lash Shampoo

If you are planning to get eyelash extensions, it is important to have a special cleanser dedicated exclusively to your lashes.

Lash Shampoo Foaming Cleanser & Brush

This is a Gentle Foam Wash For Eyelash Extensions, is paraben and sulfate free, which can cause burning.

It is very important to keep your lash extensions clean, because this way they will last much longer.

This eyelash cleanser cleans deeper and between lashes, removing makeup, impurities and residuals.

This oil free and very gentle formula is ideal for all skin types including the most sensitive ones.

This means that you should be confident this is not going to cause irritations on your eyes.

In addition, this lash shampoo conditions and hydrates your lash while cleansing.

Lash Coat Sealant 

Lash coat sealants create a protective top coat that helps your eyelash extensions last much longer.

The lash Coat sealant we recommend for your eyelash extension is the Black Diamond eyelash coating sealant.

Black Diamond eyelash coating sealant

This is a very well recommended product on Amazon, with thousands of great reviews. I am sure you are gonna love it.

If used every day, this is going to create a protective coat that allows eyelash extensions to last longer.

This coating sealant is a great step for your eyelash extension aftercare because it holds your lash extensions, promoting lash growth.

More than that, it prevents lash fall outs, strengthens your lashes, is anti-inflammatory and  hydrates your lashes.

Just apply the lack Diamond eyelash coating sealant alone, or before applying your mascara.

You can use it everyday or just two or three times a week as you feel that’s best for your lash extension.

One great thing about it, is that it is tinted in black, providing thicker lashes, with a  more vivid bolder look.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Myths and Truths 

Have you noticed that there are so many things said about eyelash extensions after care, that sometimes we get confused.

Mith N° 1: You Cannot Wet Your Lash Extensions

We have talked a lot about it already and now we see it is a myth that you cannot splash water on your extensions.

What happens instead is that with moderation and being really careful you can wash your lashes.

The only thing is that you will need to be extra careful from now on, but you can still go swimming, have baths.

Just be careful with hot steaming and how you will expose yourself to water. 

Mith N° 2: You Cannot Wash Your Eyelashes

Yes you can and in fact you should wash your eyelashes often, if not every day. Just be careful and gentle while doing that and use the right products. 

Make sure all your products are oil free and specifically designed to eyelash extension aftercare.

We have talked about that already and there is a section here in this article teaching how to wash your lashes.

Mith N° 3: Can You Put Mascara On Eyelash Extensions? 

For many years we have learned that eye mascara does not match with eyelash extensions. This is not true.

However, what happens is that when you use mascara, you will need to put a little more effort on your cleansing routine.

If you stop to make a comparison, it is easier to clean your lashes without makeup, then you need less makeup remover and less product and less friction.

Consequently you may extend your lash life longevity if you don’t wear eye mascara. 

But you can still use it and being super carefully, you may still achieve great results.

Mith N°4 Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes?

When you choose the right professionals, do a proper after care, as we have explained here, you should have a very smooth experience.

But if you don’t clean it regularly, if you sleep with makeup and don’t take care of hygiene this is dangerous.

Mith N° Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

Eyelash Extensions do not hurt your eyes. What happens is that it is a little uncomfortable in the beginning.

Once you get used to it, it’s a lot easier. However, as we mentioned before, with proper after care and using the right products, it should be fine.

Also you need to make sure you find a good place that is clean and counts with lots of great recommendations.

In case your eyelash extensions are hurting, then something is wrong. In this case it is better to run to your beautician as soon as possible.


In this article, we talked about Eyelash Extension Aftercare and how to take care of eyelash extensions.

We have also covered the dos and don’ts of the eyelash extensions aftercare, as well as myths and trues.

We have given you some great tips on how to have shower and how to clean your lashes during the eyelash extension aftercare.

If you want, you can also download the eyelash extensions pdf sheet with big summary of the essential information and checklist.

There is also a Eyelash Extension Aftercare PDF card that you can print in conjunction to the Eyelash Extension Aftercare PDF sheet.

There is also much more information as we intended to create an extensive Eyelash Extension Aftercare guide.

If you still have any questions, or if you would like to add something to this article, you can leave your comments down below this article.

If you want to talk to me, please send me a message on [email protected] and I will be happy to give it back to you!

Also, if you liked this article, or if you know someone that is looking for  Eyelash Extension Aftercare advice, please share it with them!

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