The Ordinary Buffet serum review: Is It Worthy?

In this ordinary buffet serum review I’m sharing my impressions of one of the most popular serums of the web.

In addition, we have also extracted reviews from amazon to know how people think and feel about it.

In the end, we have a Q&A section with some of the most frequently asked questions to help you take a final decision.

Stay tuned because this ordinary buffet serum review tells you exactly what are the promises and what to expect from this product.

Let’s dive in!

What Does The Ordinary Buffet Do?

The Ordinary Buffet serum is an anti aging, water based serum that can be used alone or before moisturizer.

It ‘targets’ multiple signs of aging, provides skin texture improvements, softness, hydration and younger look.

This serum is loaded with peptide complexes that are anti-aging and hyaluronic acid, which are very hydrating. 

The texture  is very  light and quickly absorbs into skin. Want to know more?

Keep on reading because the ordinary buffet serum review is going to clarify many doubts you may have.

The Ordinary Buffet serum review


What Is The Ordinary Buffet Used For?

The Ordinary Buffet serum is mainly used to treat and minimize aging signals and improve skin. 

Here’s a quick list for what is the ordinary buffet used for:

  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
  • For Skin Hydration
  • Skin improvement
  • Firming skin
  • Fading dark spots
  • Smoothing your skin
  • Evening skin tone,  brightness and skin glowing  

the ordinary buffet serum review doesn’t stop here! Keep on reading, because there is so much more to learn.

What Is The Ordinary Buffet Used For?

The Ordinary Buffet Review: Benefits Research Report

The ordinary buffet serum review brings to you a quick report about how people are reacting to it ↓

I thought it would be nice to add a quick qualitative analysis to my reviews, to find out exactly how people think and feel about the products.

The best way to do it, is to generate a database with a number of reviews and categorise the opinions.

I analysed 105 random reviews, I had no access to the age of reviewers but they are all women.

Down below we have the results:

The Ordinary Buffet serum review

The Ordinary Buffet Serum Review Quick Analysis

The Ordinary Buffet Serum Review is not only about what I think, my own impressions.

We want to know what real buyers are saying about it.

After analysing each review, we have the following evaluations :

  • 38% of reviewers reported that the ordinary buffet serum has a good quality and works as expected. Meaning they agree that the company’s promises are true.
  • 15% of reviewers reported that skin felt smoother
  • 11% of reviewers reported that skin looked healthier and improved 
  • 8% of reviewers reported skin looked younger
  • 7% reported that skin feels hydrated
  • 6% said that nothing happened, they didn’t notice any result
  • 5% said that skin looked brighter glowy 
  • 5% reported that skin broke out 
  • 3% cited that skin felt tighter and firmer
  • 1% said the product is ok not great

How Do Reviewers Feel Towards The Ordinary Buffet Serum?

In this section, I am using my statistical software to estimate reviewers feelings towards The Ordinary Buffet Serum.

With this software we can categorise the users’ feelings based on the reviews they wrote. 

In the ordinary buffet serum graph below, we can see that reviewers feel more positive than negative.

The Ordinary Buffet serum review

We can also see that there is a little bit of anger and disgust but the majority of feelings are positive.

As for example we can see that thop feelings are positivity, trust, joy and anticipation.

My Ordinary Buffet Review [First Impressions]

I have heard a lot about The Ordinary Buffet Serum but I have only decided to purchase it when a friend of mine recommended it.

I must say that I never really cared about having a skincare routine until I feel my skin is actually asking for it.

And this is what happened lately, when I am spending some time in my hometown which is really hot.

As I got a lot of unrequested sun, and sweat, my oily skin started to open up the pores and the skin texture was a bit strange.

I was using only facial wash with Physiogel facial moisturizer, which was not really doing much to my skin.

Then I decided to try the Vichy 89 Serum which was ok, but I was actually a little disappointed.

Then my friend recommended The Ordinary Buffet Serum and after a while using it, I got very satisfied.

Ordinary Buffet [First Impressions]

Here are my first impressions:

  • The serum feels nice on skin and spreads really well on the face
  • You just need a penny size bit and it’s enough for face and decollete.  
  • The serum is quickly absorbed by the skin (feels as if it melts into the skin)
  • The smell was ok for me
  • In the first week I started to notice skin texture improvements

The Ordinary Buffet Serum review [Buffet The Ordinary Routine]

To get the best results as possible, you need to establish a skincare routine and stick with it.

Most of the time, I like to keep it simple and stick with the basics. For my skin, less is more.

As I have noticed if I put too many things on my face it actually gets worse. 

The Ordinary Buffet serum review

Here is how my Buffet The Ordinary Routine looks like: 

  1.  Makeup remover (when I use it)
  2. Cleansing with a gentle facial soap bar (this is what I am currently liking)
  3. Exfoliate (only twice a week)
  4. Tonner
  5. Thermal Water 
  6. Apply the ordinary buffet serum 
  7. 2 or 3 times a week I add moisturizer on top of it.

You can try testing your own routine. You can make it even more basic by cutting the exfoliator and toner.

I sometimes do that and it works really well too.

When To Use Buffet The Ordinary?

You can use the ordinary buffet serum on your daily and night routine, after washing and toning your face.

For the day you can use it before the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and sunscreen.

For the night, you can use it before retinol serum or a skin oil of your choice. 

There are people who like to use the Ordinary buffet after moisturizer and swear they have great results.

Is about testing and trying and getting to know your own skin type and how it works best for you.

How Often To Use The Ordinary Buffet?

You can use the Ordinary Buffet everyday if you want. 

There are some people that use it twice a week.

But in this case, they alternate with another type of complementary skincare product.

In my opinion, this is not really a good idea if you are just starting out with the product because it can confound you.

Anyways it is always best to stick with one product for one regime so you can track the results.  

The Ordinary Buffet Review: Is The Ordinary Buffet Worth It?

Yes I love the Ordinary Buffet Serum and it is great for the price. It depends on your area but it costs about $18 dollars.

The first thing I notice with the weeks is that it plumps my skin and makes it smoother. 

When I bought it, I already saw the changes on my friend’s face and she was really happy about it.

For this reason, I had lots of high expectations and it worked as I was hoping for. 

Now I love it as it makes my skin feel really soft and hydrated even when I don’t apply moisturizer.

The texture of the serum is nice and a little amount is enough to apply it on full face.

This is good because one bottle takes a really long to finish.

Now, be aware that there are still people who have seen only minimal difference or no difference at all.

For me, it worked really well, so I highly recommend it.

How Long Does It Take To Start Seeing Improvements?

There are people who have related to see improvements since the second day. Other people say after 10 days.

It really depends on your own organism, skin type, age and particular conditions.

In my case, I just needed something to minimize pores and improve skin texture.

I started to see some kind of minimal results after the first applications, but it started to make sense after two weeks.

If you continue to use it day and night for 3 to 6 months you will see the full potential of this serum. 

The Ordinary Buffet Review Over The Weeks

As I mentioned in the The Ordinary Buffet Serum Review first impression section, I started to see improvements, since the first week.

Of course it was not a huge improvement but enough to keep me up motivated to continue.

With the weeks (more or less 2 weeks) skin started to feel much softer to the touch but looked a bit tighter. 

But I use one or two drops day and night one to two drops. Some people said they use 2 to 3 drops. 

The Ordinary Buffet Serum Review After Two Weeks 

After the first two weeks, skin continued to feel hydrated and soft. 

You can indeed start to feel the skin overly improved and tighter. Many people related firmer skin as well.

I have also noticed a nice glow on the skin and that pores got minimized, which made me so happy.

I had this problem with pores not only in the nose, but also in different parts of the face. 

This can be very annoying for me, so by the time that I noticed pore minimizing, I was super happy.

The Ordinary Buffet Serum Review Before and After

Overall this is a great serum. I can feel the before and difference, as my skin felt as the following:

  • More hydrated
  • Pores minimized
  • Skin was smoother 
  • Overall skin quality is smoother 

To achieve this, I used the 2 to 3 drops of the ordinary buffet serum twice a week (AM, PM).

As I mentioned before, you can start seeing some kind of results since the first days.

At the peace you use it over the weeks, you will start to notice gradual improvements.

After three months of continuous use, as I described above, I could see much more results.

But I have a few considerations to share with you now:

Don’t expect miraculous effects and that you will have a 100% of skin restoration.

Especially depending on how your skin situation is right now. 

However, regardless of your skin situation, you may find good improvements that will leave you satisfied.

The Ordinary Buffet Review [Key Ingredients]

I am not talking nor displaying a full list of ingredients, but let’s talk about a couple of ingredients that are important.

They are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Matrixyl Synthe’6 Peptide Complexes
  • Matrixyl 3000 

Let’s talk a little more about each one of these three ingredients and why they are good for our skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is really a very important ingredient in skincare that is highly hydrating on skin.

It certainly increases skin moisture and also reduces traces of skin aging. 

Our skin produces hyaluronic acid, which retains skin moisture and keeps it naturally hydrated. 

With time, our natural hyaluronic acid production gradually diminishes but we can recover it with supplements and cosmetics.

A topical use of hyaluronic acid can reduce wrinkles and redness,  keep it hydrated and plumped.

Matrixyl Synthe’6 Peptide Complexe And Matrixyl 3000

I am not a chemist, so I am not going to give you an empirical and technical definition about these ingredients.

So, let’s talk from the viewpoint of a mere user and discuss what are the benefits these ingredients offer.

Matrixyl Synthe’6 Peptide Complexes boost skin collagen, elastin and strengthens the skin.

The result is a firmer, smooth and younger skin, with improved texture.

The Matrixyl 3000 is a peptide with anti-aging powers that enhances skin collagen and elastin.

It repairs the structure of damaged skin, reduces wrinkles and firmer skin, moisture retention.

That being said, these two ingredients combined, are great for those looking for an anti-aging treatment.

The Ordinary Buffet serum review

The Ordinary buffet Review Frequently Asked Questions

In this  ordinary buffet serum review section, we answer you some of the frequent questions.

Some of these questions I had myself before using this product, and some others I saw online.

If you have more questions, you can send it to me in the comments section below!

That being said, let’s get started!

Q1: Can I Use The Ordinary Buffet With Niacinamide?

Answer: Yes you can use the ordinary buffet with niacinamide. 

Many people like to use niacinamide because it improves skin cells and creates a barrier that protects skin from pollution, stress and toxins.

It is anti inflammatory and can also help you treat severe acne 

Q2: What Can I Use With The Ordinary Buffet?

Answer: You can use the ordinary buffet in conjunction with niacinamide, retinol, and other similar cosmetics.

I suggest you consult a dermatologist if you are going to combine products.

Sometimes, if you combine too many products your skin can get confused and sometimes prejudicial.

Q3. Is The OrdinaryBuffet A Moisturiser?

Answer: No. This is an anti aging serum that contains highly hydrating ingredients that improves skin texture.

This serum leaves your skin more hydrated and can be used after toner and before the actual moisturizer.

However, you can still use it without the actual facial moisturizer and still have good results.

Q4. Can You Use The Ordinary Buffet And Retinol Together?

Answer: Yes you can Use The Ordinary Buffet And Retinol Together. There are many people who have done that and achieved great results.

However, once more, it is a nice idea to keep it simple and not to mix too many products altogether.

Q5. Is The Ordinary Buffet Safe During Pregnancy?

Answer: I did my research and all sites I checked said that The Ordinary Buffet is Safe During Pregnancy.

Q6. Can I Use The Ordinary Buffet With Vitamin C?

Answer: It is better NOT to use the Buffet with Vitamin C as it can cause a reaction.

Using too many products may not be the best practice. 

Always check with your dermatologist, for dedicated medical instructions in case you feel a more advanced skin care.

Q7. Does The Ordinary Buffet Cause Breakouts?

Answer: Even though the majority of reviewers from our quick research reported to be satisfied with the buffet serum, I have seen some reviews reporting skin break out.

It is possible, but most people have been pretty  happy with the results.

Q8. Is The Ordinary Buffet Serum Water Based?

Answer: Yes. The ordinary buffet serum is a water based serum. Its formula combines ingredients that treat multiple signs of aging. 

Q9. Does The Ordinary’s Buffet Clog Pores?

Answer: I did my research and haven’t heard many people saying that it clog pores.

Q10. Can I Use This Product During The Day?

Answer: Yes, the ordinary buffet serum can be used day and night, as a part of your skincare routine.

I use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Q10. Does the ordinary buffet serum contain vitamin C?

Answer: No. There isn’t vitamin C on the ordinary buffet serum. It contains peptides, probiotics and hyaluronic acid.

Q10. Can The Ordinary Buffet Serum Be Used As A Makeup Primer?

Answer: Yes. I use the ordinary buffet serum before applying the foundation.  

First I wash my face and apply toner. Then, I apply the ordinary buffet serum and lastly the foundation. 

But pay attention. This is not a primer, so I do it only when I am running out of a primer and need a quick solution.

Q11. Is The Ordinary Buffet Good For Dark Spots?

Answer: Yes it is a good product for dark spots and evening skin tone, clearer, brighter skin.

Q12. Can This Be Used In Conjunction With Microneedling?

Answer: Some people say that it is ok to use the ordinary buffet in conjunction with microneedling.

But I have also read some people saying that you should not do that.

You should never do microneedling at home alone, unless you are a professional.

If you opt for microneedling, do it at a certified establishment and make sure to ask the beautician before applying anything on your skin.

Q13. Is This Serum Good For Dry Skin?

Answer: Yes. This serum is an amazing product for dry skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which is very hydrating.

Now, if you have dry skin it is always a great idea to use this serum with a moisturizer.

Q14. Is This Serum Good For Dry Oily Skin?

Answer: Yes. I have oily skin myself and really enjoyed the results. 

However, there are some people with acne prone skin that complained it caused pimples. 

If you have acne prone skin, it is better to use it in conjunction with an ant acne solution. 

Q15. How Much Do You Use?

Answer: You can use one to three drops depending on your skin type and needs, morning and before sleeping. 

It is recommended not to use more than three drops.

Q16. Should I use this Serum With A moisturizer?

Answer: Yes, it is actually how most people use it. First you wash your face, then you can apply the serum.

It is good to apply a moisturizer after applying the serum because it helps to seal in the buffet serum.

However there are some people who prefer to use it alone. It may work as well.

Q17. Will This Help Close Or Minimize Pores?

Answer: Yes, however I noticed that the majority of people using this serum, hasn’t mentioned anything about pores minimizing.

Q18. Once you apply the serum, will my skin be glossy or matte?

Answer: The skin absorbs this serum really quickly, so it doesn’t look glossy. So after applying it, your skin is matiffied.

Q19. What Age Range Is This For?                

This is a very good question, because as the ordinary buffet serum is an anti aging serum many people are not sure at what age they should start using it.

You can start using it, at any age, as the anti aging properties are going to retard signs of aging.

If you have fine lines, it is supposed to minimize the lines.

The Ordinary Buffet Serum review Conclusion

This was our ordinary buffet review, where we talk about the main results you should expect from this serum.

We have also done quick research where we could have our quick report based on the opinions of 105 reviewers.

After, I share with you my own experience with the ordinary buffet Serum.

In the end, it was confirmed that the ordinary buffet corresponds to its promises and works as described.

If you have any questions, suggestions and want to share your own reviews, please leave the comments section below!

We will love to hear from you!

The Ordinary Buffet Serum Review Disclaimer

In this the ordinary buffet review I have put together, an in dept review based on my own experience.

I have also scraped Amazon reviews data to do a quick qualitative report and sentiment analysis based on real customers.

I was not contacted by The ordinary cosmetics and this is NOT a sponsored post.

In the future, I may add some affiliate links in this ordinary buffet review but at the moment, there are no affiliate links. 

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